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Entrance Examination


Entrance Examination

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Proprietress' Address

You are welcome, at VICSUM PRIVATE SCHOOLS, it is our firm belief that Nursery, Primary and Secondary education are critical phases of a child’s educational journey. We consequently provide qualitative education at these levels. Over the last two decades, we have witnessed a marked deterioration in the quality of education available in Nigeria, as a result of massive direct government intervention in education. Therefore, the major force driving the founders of VICSUM PRIVATE SCHOOLS...

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School Facilities

The school has the following educational facilities to boost and improve teaching and learning

Vicsum School Block
Vicsum School Block

1. Home Economics/Food and Nutrition Lab:

Vicsum School Block

The school has a modern, well equipped kitchen for Home Economics/Food & Nutrition. This kitchen provides a special centre for WAEC/NECO examinations.

2. Sports Development:

Vicsum School Block

The school takes the physical development of the child seriously. Consequently, the school has a standing male and female football team. There is provision for other sports like, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, among others.

3.Health services: The school runs an in-house clinic with about five patients’ beds managed by a seasoned and experienced Nurse with the assistance of reference visiting emergency Doctor when the need arises.

4.Guidance Counseling Unit: The school has a functional Guidance Counseling unit run by a seasoned Guidance Counselor who is equally a mother to the core. She is always available to the students and their parents.

5.Discipline: The school emphasizes the need for a well disciplined student who has the fear of God and respect for human dignity. To this end, the school has a standing and functional Disciplinary Committee headed by a seasoned and experienced disciplinarian and educational administrator. This committee handles all discipline related matters and makes recommendations to the management for action.

6.Canteen: The school provides a canteen for both staff and students. Food vendors who sell different food items in the school are strictly examined and all types of food items sold in the school canteen must pass through medical department before sales can start any day. This is to make sure that only foods certified fit for human consumption are offered for sale to students.

7.Security: The school boasts of one of the best security networks for the protection of the lives of the students, their properties as well as the staffs.The school makes use of well equipped security men from the Nigerian Legion as well as Hired Company Security who always keep watch over staff and students. As a part of our security system, students are not to be seen outside our compound once they are in school till closing time except on very special condition which must be granted in written permission

8.Parents Teachers Association (PTA): The school is very happy to have the type of PTA It has. The PTA is very vibrant and has a dynamic body run by seasoned administrators. The PTA has assisted the school in the provision of a lot of things ranging from furniture, language studio equipments, sports equipments to academic assistance especially in the promotion of excellence through the sponsoring of Best Student and Staff Awards. The PTA is actually a partner in progress.